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Irish players in Vegas League make history!
Date: June 21, 2006 04:24PM
The players return from Vegas, all expenses paid. The Irish American Pool League's "Vegas League" in club-9 has made history, and taken pool in Ireland to a whole new level, and put it on to the world stage. Congratulations to the team, and Thanks to City Beat Radio for their live updates from Vegas. There is already another team booked for next year.
With the Vegas league well into it's second year the players are in pool heaven.This is the first time anything like this has ever been done in Ireland but we have been sending players to Vegas since 1989 in Toronto, for more about the Vegas League check . We just want everyone to know that they are welcome to participate in club-9 events and join in the fun as we are sending players around the world, and we have only been open 16 months. We just had 7 players in Manchester and are running more qualifiers for you to play on the EPT and the BPPPA. Daryl Peach founder of the Empire Pool Tour was pleased at the turnout from Ireland and we are happy to inform you that we are running more qualifiers, so join in and play in a professionally run higher level tournament on championship conditions with longer races were a player can catch a gear. The tournaments we run are to the highest standard. Everything we do in club-9 puts the player first. Club-9 is owned by players so players come first, which is why we have so much space between tables and free practice & coaching.
Ted Bristow founder of the British Professional Pool Players Association is looking forward to seeing the players at his events too.
Both Ted and Daryl are great for the sport and this is why we get along so well.
We would like you to know that this is for everyone and not just club-9 players so come on by and compete,
We have done our best as not to clash with any other events including EPT & Bpppa.
The winners of these events will go with Sam all expenses paid to the next EPT event. The winners also get free practice and coaching.
If you want to see how the players did then go to
Our two best players will be fully paid into an IPT qualifier, more info later.!!!!!!!
I will be back to let you all know the dates, and remember the dress-code !!!!!!

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