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IPT Coverage on Eurosport
Date: June 13, 2006 10:33AM
Here is a reply from an email I sent to Eurosport about the IPT coverage......

Dear Pat,

Please find below a provisional schedule for our International Pool Tour
June/July coverage. Please note that all times are quoted BST and
subject to change.

Seven editions will be broadcast between Mon 26 June and Saturday 8

26-28 June @ 10.45pm
29 June @ 10.45pm and 11:45pm
30 June @ 11:45pm
8 July @ 6.45pm

There will be repeats on British Eurosport 2.

Best regards,

UK Communications
British Eurosport
Viewer Enquiries: 0845 672 1010
British Eurosport
Feltham Media Centre
Sussex House
2 Plane Tree Crescent
Felthambrook Industrial Estate
Feltham, Middlesex
TW13 7HF

British Eurosport is available on Sky (Ch 410), NTL (Ch 112) and
Telewest (Ch 521). Also available on Top Up TV (Ch 33) between the hours
of 1pm and 11pm.

British Eurosport 2 is available on Sky (Ch 411), NTL (Ch 811) and
Telewest (Ch 525).

It looks as if this will be the showing of the "King of the Hill" event from December 2005.

Happy days for all the millions of fans in Europe!

I'm really looking forward to watching all this coverage before the 1st event in July at the Venetian.

Oh and dont forget the LIVE coverage on Eurosport of every event in the 2006 schedule.

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