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Date: May 07, 2006 01:25PM
Club 9 all new
Cameo 8 Ball Shootout

Club-9 is proud to announce two new tournaments.
We have 100 plus players every Monday playing 8-Ball, and due to player demand we are having two American 8-Ball Shootouts June 3rd/4th.
The first event is Sat June 3rd and like our 9-Ball events it's an OPEN,
which means anyone can enter.
The second tournament Sun June 4th is an Amateur event and only for Club-9 players who are new to the sport and a 6 or 7 handicap.
So far we have 43 names for the events and depending on the number of players the payout could be large.
The prize for these American 8-Ball shootouts is a garaunteed spot for two winners, to go with Sam all expenses paid to play on the new EPT Tour. Club 9 was pleased when Pat Holtz made an announcement regarding Daryl Peach launching his new exciting Empire Pool Tour,we at Club 9 are now pleased to have the opportunity to send some of our many American 8-Ball players to this new fantastic exciting tour, thanks to Daryl Peach!!

contact information
phone no 00442890625217
MOBILE # : 07845707555
ADDRESS: 220 Stewartstown rd,Dunmurry,Belfast.
Tournament director - Joe Mathews senior
Tournament coordinator's Sam Gibson, Joe Ormerod, Joe Mathews jnr
Roaming referees as above and Willie Dines.

Saturday 3rd June, 8-Ball open
ENTRY FEE:, pre registration 20 or 25 on the event day.No free rides
KICK OFF: 12.00pm sharp no exceptions
CALCUTA: 11.00am sharp
RACES: to 10 single elimation
winner breaks
Dress code applies to both events , neat and tidy casual wear, shirt with collar i.e polo shirt etc

Sunday 4th June, 8-Ball amateur shootout
No top players no Pro's allowed.(for 6's and 7's handicap only)
all terms due to discretion of tournament director.
ENTRY, pre registration 20, 25 on the event day, no free rides
KICK OFF: 12.00pm sharp no exceptions
CALCUTA: 11.00pm sharp (players auction)
RACES: to 8 single elimation
alternate breaks
For further information please contact the above:

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Date: May 10, 2006 09:40PM
:By the way player$ it's looking good! We have 47 already signed up for our next 2 events on the 3rd & 4th of June.

: Players please keep in mind if you do pre register either by phone or online we will be counting on you to show, and if you can't, a simple phone call in advance will do.
We don't have a problem with pre registration but in the past it has affected the draw when a player doesn't weigh in, so if a player doesn't show or let us know, then he/she will still have to pay in order to play in any other events.

: As well as start time, we would like to remind everyone that the dress code will be enforced just as it is on the EPT !
: ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS !! If a player shows up in jeans, a t-shirt with no collar, or trainers etc... They will be refused entry!
: The dates are now set for your next two qualifiers in Club-9. There are two other venues interested in holding an event.
: one was politely refused due to poor conditions, as we require a certain but fair standard for your events.
: We will let you know if we consider the other venue, if so we will first have a players vote. After all it's your tournament!

: Here are your next two dates >> Saturday is the OPEN and Sunday is the Amateurs.
: JULY 8th & 9th will be the qualifier for the EPT on August 5th & 6th.

September 9th & 10th will be the qualifier for the EPT on October 14th & 15th.

Thanks Stephen, you and Gary are in. Cheers !
Hi Paul,your name is in, can you let me know about the others. Thanks.
Regarding your question, There are four players going so far + the two winners, so 6 from club-9, and yourself is 7 and maybe me # 8. Sam and I were talking to John McDonald and Clive Cox at a boxing event 2 weeks ago,we went to see a friend fighting ( after seeing him fight I'm glad we're friends), John is the MC, or compere at the WP Championships for Matchroom and, we always see him when we go to events, and we usually bring a club player along to meet Efren, Alex etc..We said we would meet them in Holland for the WPMasters, as it turns out it's the same weekend as Manchester. I was going to meet Alex and bring 1 or 2 of our Filipino players, we always bring at least one person. I was going to try get Alex over, even for the Monday night, but he will let me know as he might have to leave Holland immediately, to play in another Major. So if Alex e-mails me and he can't come over I will probably go to Manchester.He ask me not to advertise in the paper as he wants to drop in casually, basically to see me and Sam & the Club. Also I will be in Vegas next week, so If I go to EPT it will be a last minute thing.
Just to let everyone know, we have done our best not to cla$h with other tours and events to allow players the opportunity to be able to play where and whenever they like.
We have had some replies from England & Scotland and they wanted to play, but there's 2 other 8 & 9-Ball ranking events on our first date so we have tried to pick dates that don't clash with your new dates.


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Date: May 10, 2006 11:22PM
That all sounds excellent news for the Irish lads to qualify for a major comp like the EPT.

Good luck Joe and Sam with your qualifiers.

You players don't realise how lucky you are to have club owners who wish to help the players so much with running great events for you to qualify for bigger events elsewhere.

Also good luck to the squad from Club9 who are taking part in the BCA comp in Vegas this month.

Hud Millen
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Date: May 11, 2006 03:15AM
People in Club 9 didnt realise how lucky they were but believe me Pat, it's starting to hit home now with the boys going to Vegas and the EPT getting underway. It was always just a question of time but fair play to Sam and Joe they have been extremely patient and the wee man wont mind me saying this but he was about to throw the towel in a walk away from the club and the game altogether because people were never satisfied or should i say were just insatiable.

Hopefully now they will see that their efforts are more appreciated and they will realise that its worth making sacrafices for.

A1 LADS !!

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Date: May 11, 2006 02:33PM

Road Warrior:

Change of date:

This is to the many players who are looking forward to competing on the EPT event that we had posted for August 5th and 6th.
We would like to inform you, that the date for the 5th and 6th is actually the 12th and 13th of August,
The qualifying date in Club-9 for July 8th and 9th has not changed, and will go ahead as scheduled.
See you at the OPEN in Harrow! Cheers.

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Date: May 19, 2006 11:19AM
I have gotta say that, anyone who isn't conemplating in taking part in a qualifier, for the EPT, which is working with the IPT, are crazy to pass this up smiling smiley

I'll definitely be there Joe and I recommend to any pool player that has some courage in themselves, to find there way to club 9 and give yourselves a fair shake at competing at the level that you all wish to compete in smiling smiley

I honestly think that it would be a shame to all the players in Ireland that there are, to pass this up, but I will say that if you are gonna pass on this, it is you that will be losing out smiling smiley

Take care everyone and JOe?smiling smiley... Chris 'The Mouse' Sittlingtonhas told me that he's drooling at the chance to play in this event and of the 8 years I have known Chris, that is a first for him to actually be looking forward to playing in a tournament smiling smiley


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