Willie 'The Wizard' Dines
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Plenty Of Action @ Club 9
Date: December 09, 2004 07:45AM

I thought I should write in and let you all know that Joe and Sam HAVE GOT THEIR ROOM OPENED FOR BUISNESS.

THEY have already got a tuesday night tourney every week and also a US 8ball league where the winnig 4-man team will be playing in the B.C.A. nationals in Las Vegas. (all expences paid)

The club is furnished with1x US bar table, 10x 9ft POOL tables( 4x G.C.4's & ^ BCE 'Atlantic' tables, 2x F/S snooker tables and 9x UK 8 ball tables.

other features include hot dogs, and other hot food available, cold and hot drinks, Pplaystation 2 arcade system and cue storage facilities also.

and this is only the tip of the iceberg and beleive me when I say that when the room is completely operational... you are gonna wonder what the hell has taken all the other club's so long in thinking of these things and when you come in to play any tournaments, you get the proper matchplay respect that all players deserve.

the full details will be posted shortly on the 'venues list' and then you'll get an idea of how good this CLUB really is.

Untill then take care everyone and if I don't see any of you before Christmas, then I hope everyone has a great Chistmas and a brilliant new year.


I'm off to clean my glasses!

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