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IPT Audio
Date: April 01, 2006 01:14AM
Any player interested in joining the IPT should listen to the new audio announcement on the home page of their website.

If you know any player that would like to play against the best players in the world, with $million dollar prize funds, with the best setting's you could ever imagine, with Guaranteed prize money for coming in last, then I urge you or your mates to think seriously about joining this tour.

I have been playing pool now for over 20yrs and I thought I had seen it all (incl snooker & 9 ball events) but the way in which this tour has been set up is totally beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

This is why the cream of UK 9 ball & English 8 ball pool has decided to join up, they know the small table game is never going to go anywhere and is just a poor copy of snooker at best. You only have to look at the TV coverage compared to other sports, it's very poor and amatuerish, along with the small prize money on offer.

Go check the site out and sign up by email for the special IPT announcements.

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