Timo Rautiainen
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Belfast's hotels
Date: March 18, 2006 11:46AM
Is there any good/cheap hotel to stay in Belfast?

Was thinking if I would come there on Friday so won't be that tired in competitions. And also wouldn't need to hurry on night to get the bus.

--- Timo Rautiainen ---

Wille 'The Wizard' Dines
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Re: Belfast's hotels
Date: March 19, 2006 02:37AM
Give Joe or Sammy a call, they will be able to arrange something for you^_^, you'll get them on the club number^_^

I always go up on the Friday and stay over because I always help to get the room ready for the tournament and so it won't be a problem to arrange something for you also^_^

Take care buddy and I'll see you next week and also, try putting some 14-1 practice in if you can^_^


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