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2006 European Pool Championships
Date: February 04, 2006 11:02AM

All the places for the 2006 European Pool Championships in Brandenburg, Germany has now been sorted from players on Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour.

All players listed below will be competing against at lease 34 other European Countries in American 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and 14.1

The following players representing Ireland is as follows:

Paddy Mc Laughlin (Down)
Paul Bonner (Donegal)
Damien Corrigan (Tyrone)
Ronnie Boyle (Tyrone)
Gareth Deegan (Dublin)

Allan Crowe (Donegal)
Brendan Mc Dermott (Donegal)
Ronnie Boyle
Paddy Mc Laughlin
Gareth Deegan

MEN'S 14.1:
Joe O' Driscoll (Dublin)
Mark Gargan (Louth)

Lisa Branley (Sligo)
Emma Cunningham (Down)
Mary Cunningham (Down)
Lisa Conlin (Kildare)

Rosemary Mc Ginty (Donegal)
Lisa Branley

Good luck to all players involved and we will keep everyone up to date with results ect as they happen.

The event takes place from 22nd March to 2nd April 2006


Fred Dinsmore
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Re: 2006 European Pool Championships
Date: February 05, 2006 05:34AM
Great to see Ireland has been given so many places for a fairly new and small country, well done Ronnie. The Wheelchair event starts a couple of days after your events so looking forward to seeing everybody in Germany for what will hopefully be a successful European Championships for both parts of the Irish Team.


PS: Our team is not officially announced yet but I think it will be Myself and Tom Hynes in both 8 & 9 Ball with Team Manager Michael White (we dont have a 14:1 event.

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