The Hustler
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New Cue
Date: September 04, 2004 04:48AM
I just bought a new 'scorpian' 19 oz and its fantastic but i'm looking for some tips on cue care as i'd love to keep it in good condition.
Any tips on how to keep the tip would be most welcome especially.

Willie `The Wizard` Dines
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Re: New Cue
Date: September 04, 2004 02:30PM
Hi Hustler

My advice would be first of all, get yourself a break-cue as well because if you break with the new one then you're running the risk of,

1. buy a good solid `Tube` type case as this will give the best protection possible whilst your travlling

2. Damaging or maybe cracking the ferrule.

3. The cue tip will last 2-3 times longer than it would breaking with it as well.

4. you will also find it more difficult to control the cueball on the break and if you try to break too heavily then there's a chance that you could damage the cue tip also if you catch the side of the cueball.

Untill you get one use a `House` cue for breaaking.

I have loads more info and you can send me an e-mail for it because I will not just give the info I have to everyone.

I hope that this miniml amount of info helps alot, But if you are wanting to get hold of a break-cue,
Then check out or e-mail Gareth Deegan (webmaster) as he is the sole rep in the UK or Eire for `Predator` Cues and he can offer 20%
discount for tour players.

Anyay I wish you good luck in what you require and as I said I have a whole lot more info,but untill next time take buddy and I'll see ya on the flipside!




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