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how long a time to take a shot?
Date: September 21, 2005 06:55AM
firstly i wanna state im not slagging anyone off here........what made me think of this is when watching the world championships a certain player from u.s.a. dan basavich really ripped the arse outta it by messing around when taking some shots.
maybe 3-4 minutes aiming his shot and getting up again wiping his brow,shaking his head from side to side,getting down on his shot and doing the same again etc.........
id guess some of it ,if not all of it was to put his opponent off...
so whats the opinions on whether a shot-clock should be introduced to 9ball? i know there are some competitions stateside where it is used.....

on the smaller tables here and in uk there is a minute per shot ,so has anyone any idea why it isnt used in the 9ball tours in uk and europe or even world championships. ??
just thinking out loud...............

Willie 'The Wizard' Dines
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Re: how long a time to take a shot?
Date: September 21, 2005 03:18PM
Hi Paul, How are ya buddy?^_^

I agree with you about the shot clock, I do remember in the 1st/2nd Mosconi Cup tournament, a shot clock was used and I know that quite a few players would agree with you, I think the main reason would be that is is mostly the amount of extra organizing it would take far each even to have a shot clock, but I must admit that I like the idea of a shot clock too, it would certainly prove more interesting in terms of how the matches would turn out.

I toohaven't heard of any shot clocks being used and I too have wondered why because it is most definitely worth considering, but I'm saying what i know of and what I think, which is usually not important. lol

I think that it's worth giving it a try with a shot clock of some kind and I would think that 1 min/1 minte 30 is about right to allow of both the fast players, but also to still give the slower players a chance to reach for their nike's, but yeah, I agree totally and it would be a god thing for 9ball becauser 9 ball is meant to be a fast game and why not keep it like that.^_^

Anyway, whatever you guys think, it's entirely up to you guys^_^

Take care everyone.


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Re: how long a time to take a shot?
Date: September 24, 2005 10:24AM
Hey Paul hows things. Im just heading over to club for a mini tourney and was checking out your post and as far as I know, when a match is involving a referee and a complaint is made, both players are put on 45 second MAXIMUM limit and a 10 second warning is then announced. The time starts as soon as the player stops shooting and I think this happened in the worlds last or the year before but in the States and Canada a referee would give 30 seconds instead of 45 I do know that much.

But the one to answer this would be the World Champion Himself, Fred.
Hi Fred Congrats and when you get a chance could you clarify this for us.

Addios Amigos

Fred Dinsmore
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Re: how long a time to take a shot?
Date: September 26, 2005 07:13AM
Hi All

I will try!!!!!!

It did actually arise in Brazil but keep in mind the answer refers to our event which may give a little more room for slightly slower play?

As I said one of the Chinese players was playing really slow and was put on a 45 second shot clock (applied to both players) warning given after 30 seconds and time starts when comes to table or in the event of after a foul picks or is given the ball, one extention per rack is allowed. If shot not taken in time foul (normal rules apply) I assume if continues referee has power to award rack top other player but Ive never seen this happen??

I remember one event a 1 minute shot clock was put in place I think it is at the discretion (hope this is spelt right) of the tournament director but in general 45 seconds is normal.

Hope this helps and by the way thanks to everybody who sent well done messages, just home and very jet lagged!!!!


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Fred Dinsmore

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