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Captains Cup 9Ball Shoot-Out:
Date: September 18, 2005 03:48AM

I'm introducing this new competition, called the Captains Cup 9Ball Shoot-Out which will take place at the 8-aside inter-counties and also the 4-aside inter-ciunties in December where each team captain can get a extra chance to win some more money for himself, for all his hard work.

The reason being for this tournament is to reward the captains from each county who put in a big effort putting there county team together and making sure all arrangements are in place for this great weekend.

I'm naming the captains who has put each counties arrangements in place through hard work. If the name captain is not present then the county can put another one of its players forward.

Captains Cup Shoot-Out Players:
1. Paul Strawbridge (Derry)
2. Paul Bonner (Donegal)
3. Billy Gorman (Antrim)
4. Ronnie Boyle (Tyrone)
5. Gareth Deegan (Dublin)
6. Michael Brandley (Sligo)

Details which are:

1. Name of Tourmament: = Captains Cup 9Ball Shoot-Out.
2. Format: = Best of 5 (race to 3) straight through winner breaks (final and all)
3. Draw: = draw will take place in front of each captain at the playing venue.

Winner: = 150
Runner-up: = 50
Semi-Finals: = 50 (2 x 25 each)

If any of the matches goes to 2-each the player breaking the final rack cannot win the match by potting the 9ball from the break....its a re-rack each time it happens and the same player breaks......(only at 2-each).


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