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Scottish 9 Ball Championship
Date: August 10, 2004 01:39AM
This event will take place at Styx Pool Hall, Kircaldy on 30th & 31st October with a guaranteed 2,500 prize money.

This will increase if there are over 100 players entering.

Entry fees are 25 for SAPPA and 30 for non members.

It will be a race to 9 racks, straight KO comp.

Prize Structure
Wnr : 1,000
R-up : 400
Semi : 200
Qtrs : 100
Last 16 : 50

Last years Champion Geoff Dunn will be there to defend his title and hopefully make it 3 in a row.

All competition info for 9 ball can be found on the []SAPPA[/url] website.

All results, info, player profiles, rankings can be found there.

Please contact Ross McInnes (tournament director) to confirm entry.

Willie `The Wizard` Dines
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Re: Scottish 9 Ball Championship
Date: August 10, 2004 02:52PM
Hi there Devil... I thought I heard you calling from the darkness.

You can bet your last $1 that you'll see my magic ass there, if the freindly in march was anything to go by.

I have booked my place through Ronnie as 1 of the 16 spots that we have in this event and I can't wait to be in SCOTLAND again.

Before I go... would you kindly tell Davy Jack that Willie Dines says he should grow some hair instad of pulling it out and let Ross know that he is to bring macheala as I am supposed to show her my magic Racking skills.

Anyway untill next time take good care buddy and I'll see you on the dark side... Soon!



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