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2005 Fermanagh 9-Ball Open:
Date: August 09, 2005 06:45AM
The 2005 Fermanagh 9-Ball Ranking Event which was cancelled due to players playing in the European pool championships in Holland is refixed for Saturday 17th September in Enniskillen, where Brendan Mc Dermott (Donegal) is the current holder.

There will be two time slots one at 10am and the other at 2pm.

The tournament will be played in a round robin format with the following taking place.

Groups 0f 4 will be a race to 5. ( winner breaking )
Groups of 5 and 6 will be a race to 4. (winner breaking )

Entries for this tournament will close on Saturday 10th September where all the seeds, draw, and time slots will be done. .....all entries & information to 0777 636 5059 or from Rep of Ireland ( 0044 ) 777 636 5059.

The Fermanagh 8-ball event is on Saturday 3rd September in the same venue in Enniskillen.......all entries to the above number.

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