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irish tour 2005 t-shirts
Date: July 26, 2005 05:15PM
i was asked tonight to ask you ronnie.why there is no t-shirts for anyone that has paid their registration fee?.
The only reason im asking through this forum is because the (derry player) that asked me HAS filled in his player profile.(like a few others i might add)(which i believe.was a neccessity for t-shirts to be ordered because you wanted to bulk order them).....and i want him/them to see that i have asked you PUBLICLY.
Maybe the money towards the t-shirts (if theyre nor ordered because of lack of interest or whatever reason) might be put into prize money at a tournament or something.........
Again i want to stress this is not ONLY my idea but this person/persons wanted me to act as their representative because i deal with you regarding the derry team /league.

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Re: irish tour 2005 t-shirts
Date: July 27, 2005 11:55AM

Alot of the tour polo shirts has already been given out to players who turned up at the last number of events. I've stated at the tournaments, that if any player doesn't return the player profile sheet they will not receive / entitled to there tour polo shirt.........

I explained this to the players on a number of occasions and left the player profile sheets on the table at both the Belfast open (Jan 29th) and the Donegal open (Feb 19th) and quite afew players returned them.

There is still afew players to receive the tour shirt, as ive been bringing them to the last number of events and bringing some of them home again because some players where not present, or i forgot to hand them out.

unfortunately the one's who will receive these now is only the players who have returned there player profile (where these rules was stated to players).........but not untill the next batch comes in (shortly) which will get printed, and i will then contact these players myself......

When you set rules (the likes of this matter), dress code, international events & team selection, closing dates for t/ments, ect, some players take you for granted, and turn a blind ear to what i'm saying, then afew Months down the line they start bringing these matters up thinking everything is ok.

I always like running the tour/ tournaments in the fairest manner giving all players, either the top or bottom ranked player the same respect, but there is a time you have to draw the line in rules when players just close a blind ear and completely ignore you, and on this ocassion alot of players has.

Paul, i will try and get you sorted out this weekend plus afew of the remaining players who are there as well, and i will chat 2U then.


paul strawbridge
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Re: irish tour 2005 t-shirts
Date: July 27, 2005 02:43PM
no problem.fair comments.......i will print out your answer and show it to the people involved.........see you saturday

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