John Madden
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Date: July 15, 2005 06:43PM
Padric and Willie
You have both checked out my website. I just wanted to let you know that it has been updated as of today with pictures of 7 new cues - 14 pictures - one of full cue and other a close up of the detail. I thought you might enjoy seeing what else comes out of my shop. All the cues have been sold from Asia to the east coast of US. There are spliced points, veneered points, floating points, and recut points. They are all one of a kind - custom made by Irish American in the wilds of Montana (with the grizzly bears - saw a small one 2 weeks ago when I was out riding on a back road-makes life exciting)

Willie - its waiting on you - still problems with email.

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Willie 'The Wizard' Dines
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Date: July 17, 2005 08:33PM
Hey Jack^_^... How are ya buddy?

Brilliant news, I'll take a look now to see what else that you got, but I'll be geting the $$$ sent out this week for the new wand and I'm looking forward to geting itsmiling smiley

I'll give you a call later tonight or tomorrow at the latest^_^

Take care buddy and I'll chat to you soon^_^


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